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Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Here's a new collection of my latest work. I wanted to create specimens that look like they have been collected from somewhere else... wherever that may be.... Ive mixed wings with fungus and plants with foxes....spiders with feathers and a bird with translucent plastic fins underneath its plumage and over sized feather collar.

Each is a mixture of cotton fabric, paper, wire and plastic details.
Ill be putting them Etsy tomorrow evening Thursday 14th Aug at 7pm UK time.



  1. sensationell schön!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dear Mr. Finch,
    these ideas are... I have no words for this. You are so perfect in your very own doing, I really learn a lot from you. And if it is just these roots on this mushroom. I see them the first time on your mushrooms.. So consequent, as it´s out of another existing world. I have to get better. This shows me, one can. You managed it - even got better... yes... thought, this is not possible. CHAPEAU, Mylord ;))
    A big hug from Méa from Hamburg

  3. magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they are lovely!!!

  4. Stunning as always!
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  5. Such magnificent spoils from another realm... absolutely marvellous, Mister Finch!!

  6. ooohhh....there's really something quite sinister yet utterly beautiful about these 'creatures' . I like the fact that you've kept them in pale shades....their very paleness adds to their mystery.

  7. I love your creatures..........all of them!

  8. Totally beautiful and slightly unnerving!

  9. Wicked bunch of pieces, Finch! The price is more than reasonable as well. Those look like they can launch off Kaiju franchises, old school style. I especially like their model kit appeal. Those should be a fresh, clean break for all the toy sophisticates out there. Glad you've put those all up on Etsy and the like. Those should be at hobby forums as well.

    Dominic Terry @ Mobile Marketing Allies

  10. ohhh, I need to make some money, fast! (serendipity strikes - I'm reading Finch by Jeff VanderMeer at the mo!)

  11. I was doing some blog hopping and found you. I am in love with your work. Just brilliant!

  12. First off, those are heartstopping. There is unity of the high concept and the execution of the design. That is the type of art that I want. One that evokes the weird and odd by simply combining two unlikely things in the real world and grounding the whole thing in ways that makes the product even more mindbending. What made them even cooler is that they are 3D. The whiteness also has the effect of 'sanctifying' the ugliness in a way, and making it pure. An interesting proposition. Anyway, I hope you're keeping track of your sales well, and that there's more than enough for all those folks who are looking at them just now. Good luck!

    Herman Thompson @ AccountAbility Plus

  13. Im in love with your amazing art !!! Beautiful!!

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