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Sunday, 28 October 2012

October Beasts..........

Have been working on lots of things at the same time which isn't usually what I do I tend to work on one or two at most and then onto the next thing.... but Ive been busy making things for Christmas which I'll report on when I'm allowed to....
Ive been making things in pairs whilst working on bigger projects and this has been quite good and a move out of my comfort zone in a way but its worked out quite well.
The result is actually pairs of items some practically identical and for the first time a pair of Hares which will go into my shop as a pair as I couldn't bear to part them....Aww....!
Anyway here they all are and this collection of beasties will go into my shop tomorrow ....... Monday 29th October at 6pm UK time.
Things have been getting very busy lately especially on Etsy which is wonderful it really is with my things now selling very fast which is why I'm putting times up and dates.
If my shop is empty I'm still around and my shop hasn't closed down its just that my things have sold......never fear I'm behind the scenes sewing,always sewing.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Huge moth............

Check out this moth that was found in the UK!
Love it! Wish it was me that had found it!
Anyway just thought I would do a quick blog entry and say that I'm making things even if I appear to be quiet.
Have lots to make for Christmas so will have images when I'm allowed to show them....
Also will have new things for my Etsy shop around Mon-Tues all being well.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Snail soft sculptures By Mister Finch by ohmisterfinch

Here's two snails from a new pattern that I have been working on. I really wanted to release these at the same time as the toadstools but just didn't have the time.

I think this is the most complicated pattern that I have made so far which I have to admit was really frustrating,especially the shells.
They have a really quiet presence about them which is really nice.
I think the next ones will have stripey shells maybe with some flashes of greens and blues....

Monday, 8 October 2012

Pink Halloween............

Large Pink Velvet Spider by ohmisterfinch

Here's a snap of a large spider made from dusky pink velvets and cotton. Its a little under 5ft so is quite big!
She's going into a shop for Halloween so will show you images once shes in place....

Monday, 1 October 2012


Well I'm back from my holiday in Ibiza.....sun burnt,covered in mosquito bites and erm looking fabulous...
Its nice to be home though even if the cats are ignoring me like they do when you go away.
Anyway here's some pieces that I made for when I got back as its often hard to get going again when you stop.
I wanted to make a few Halloween things just in black with flashes of silver....
These are all made from leather which is a new thing for me but something I wanted to start doing as there is often really lovely leather clothing that is battered and no longer wearable or can be fixed.
These are the first few things that I have made and its been a bit of a learning curve but a really fab one.
These are in my etsy shop now...