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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Paulina Temmes ...........

Paulina is one of my absolute favourite textile artists, I like many think she is amazing at what she does.
She's been quiet for a while but now shes back!
Capturing expressions and emotions is often very hard with textile but she does it seemingly effortlessly and beautifully.
She has re-opened her shop from the 1st of July with this gorgeous sheep available.

Paulina's etsy shop

Her blog


Monday, 25 June 2012


Magpie wall mount by ohmisterfinch
Okay I did set out to make a black rooster and it turned into a magpie I confess.
Thanks for the feedback on the new rooster I will be making some more just not today. One day its 'this' the next its something else I'm unbelievably changeable with making stuff so I just have to go with it.
I do like this guy though and the velvet is so nice its really thick and you can pull it into shape beautifully.

Sunday, 24 June 2012


Rooster textile head by ohmisterfinch
Had a dream about a rooster the other night as you do and the idea of making one stuck with me. This is the first one from the pattern, don't know if Ill make anymore as not really done anything farm-y before so we will have to see.
I like him and his little beady eyes.
I have some red velvet somewhere that would be nice for crests and the wobbly bits that hang under his beak.
Do they have a name the wobbly bits?

Thursday, 21 June 2012


Dead white bird textile art by ohmisterfinch
I have to be in the right mood to make the dead birds and can go for ages without making them.
I have lots of their little legs always made up in a box so that I can get a head start with them once I start.
Today is a dead bird making day and its raining which I always think are the best days to sit in and make things.
One of my favourite directors Guillermo del toro has a room in his house where it rains."Rain Room," where it will rain 24 hours a day—rain and lighting will always be lashing against this room's windows, so that he can always write in a thunderstorm.

Can you imagine......*sigh

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Flower Spider...

Flower Spider... by ohmisterfinch
A little flower spider rests on a vintage tray which is destined to become a pincushion once the steel wool stuffing arrives in the post.
Have very blunt pins so have become a bit obsessed with pincushions lately.
Has been one of those days where you try and get lots done but in the end you have to look at your list and not tick anything off.
Did get this little fellow finished so might write on my list ...make spider and get him photographed so that I have at least one thing to cross off.
I hope everyone else has had a really productive day Id love to hear about them.


Tuesday, 19 June 2012


moth and palette...... by ohmisterfinch
Got this dried up old oil palette the other day for 50p.
Utterly useless really all the paint in the tube is rock hard and stuck to the tray but it makes a fab prop for images.

Monday, 18 June 2012

The sea and sky......

Sea and sky moths by ohmisterfinch
I came across this tapestry recently which was absolutely filthy!
It was originally in a firescreen which had also seen better days.
After a light hand washing it came up beautifully but instead of remaining a square its shrunk and went into a rhombus shape!
It dried flat so all was good.
I had initially thought it was woven as the stitches were so tiny until I took it out of its frame but its all hand done.
So some have the sky,some have the sea and some have the sails blowing in the wind...

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Cat out take.......

Cat out take....... by ohmisterfinch
I dont think this picture needs any explantation...


Textile hare heads by ohmisterfinch
Got these lovely postcards today and sat on the bus home reading them. All to the same person,it's funny how interesting other peoples lives are. They are from the 1940's and the most interesting thing that had happened that summer was some washing blowing off the line and a cat that had a bell on its collar?!
Suddenly my life seems fit to be turned into a film.
They make a nice backdrop to new hares that are dry today and in my Etsy shop now.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Hares on stands.........

Textile Hare Busts by ohmisterfinch
Textile Hare Busts, a photo by ohmisterfinch on Flickr.

A new upright hare pattern. These are on a wooden base and a heavy brass square base which weighs a ton!
Upright foxes are sure to follow....


Textile Fox heads by Mister Finch by ohmisterfinch
Have been saving up little vintage silver plate trays and dishes to use for mounts and have only just got round to using them. They have been tricky as I have to keep adjusting the pattern to fit inside the shallow of each dish. However Ive been doing it over and over so I now feel that I have cracked it. Opens up some nice opportunities now for mounting things now which is great. Going all guns blazing at the moment with making things as have a new shop to stock soon so will tell you about this nearer the time as I have to keep elements of it a secret..................
Also on a separate note,Blogger and blurry images......any body else.?
Using Flickr to host images now as seems to work out for clearer images.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Moth sisters............

The embroidery that I use for my moths is getting really scarce now, I like to use the really heavy stuff.
Maybe its because I have less time now to hunt for it I'm not sure......
However I found this fab piece recently it had big sections that hadn't been finished so it take a bit of careful cutting out.
I see lots of table cloths and napkins etc but they are so often very thin from over washing and don't really have the impact that I want from heavily embroidered pieces.
These two sisters are dry today and in my etsy shop now.......

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Glue gun........

When I look at other peoples blogs I always see helpful hints and things that they have discovered that have made their craft lives easier.
So in the spirit of this I thought that I would share a tip on something that has made things easier for me with my glue gun.
Apologies if this is something you have seen before.
Glue guns are not only super amazing they are super drippy and super hot.
First I just wanted to recommend the model that I use.
I have tried many glue guns before arriving at the Dremel glue gun.
This for me is the best one I have come across,it is pricier than the rest but I think its great.
For years I battled with the Bostik ones but the triggers always broke within 5mins.
The Dremel has a very strong trigger and heats up fast.
On the box it says that it doesn't drip but they always do,lets be honest.
It has a flat base so is easier to stand up in between gluing.
Its the drips that drive me crazy as they stick to the card,paper or whatever you rest your gun on whilst working.
So in the craft shop weeks ago I bought one of the silicon glue gun mats.
The ones that you put under the gun to catch drips and once cool you can peel them off.
It cost me nearly £7 which I did think was expensive but it was a treat.
It worked great,then I had a tidy up and its gone missing!!
Then the other day I came across the cookware made from silicon in the £1 shop.
I see this stuff everywhere and I'm sure your aware of it wherever you live.
The silicon loaf tin shape was £1 and I thought it feels the same and has a very high temp and non stick surface could this be a replacement for my missing glue gun mat?
Oh yes! its perfect to throw the glue gun in between gluing and once dry the glue peels off like a dream.
Ive used it lots and I think its even better than the mat.
When cool I store the glue gun in the mould so that they are always together.
Its also brightly coloured unlike the mat so its easier to find
For £1 its brilliant!!
Hope this helps with some hot gluer out there.!