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Monday, 23 April 2012

New dolls.......

I know these are a little out there as there is a doll with a perfume bottle filled with pearls coming out of her head and yes that is a branch growing out of that other dolls head and yes that other one has a belt made from a napkin ring and yes the other one has a flower for a head......lol
But they were in my head to make for ages, and now they are done I feel a little clearer and can now concentrate a bit more normalish stuff.


  1. Heh, as if anything you make could even be associated with the word 'normal'! These are great, I personally prefer the plainer ones, I love the raggetty joinings.

  2. Love them! They're weird.. in a great way, obviously. :)

  3. Love the dolls......I like their simple faces.....leaves open the door for their curious nature and stories abound.

  4. oh...but it's all good...it's ALL sososo good. thank you for putting it all out there and sharing it with us.

  5. Beautiful and fragile looking half human half nature lovely x