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Thursday, 8 March 2012


I keep getting asked to make the moths smaller so that people can wear them.
I must get asked a few times a week so Ive reduced the pattern and have been playing around with them again.
They are the same as the others just far smaller.
It also gives me the opportunity to use up those small scraps that are really not large enough to be used in my current projects.
These are not in my shop yet as still stitching the backs and all the fiddly bits.
Just thought I would show you.......as a sneaky preview.
Also as they are tiny they can be put on your lampshade or in a glass jar when not being worn and they look great.
Bit obsessed with moths again at the moment.
The things that I like go in cycles and often I return to an idea and change it or use it in another direction.

Fly my babies flyyyyyy.....!!!!!


  1. OK, you inspired me, must be the northern blood :)


  2. I always love your creative butterflys, but now made miniture and pinned to my jacket....dress...hat...now we are talking xxx
    They are fabulous