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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Things are getting hairy.....

I bought this fake mink stole a while ago from a charity shop and have been threatening to make some hairy beasties with it for a while.
So today is the day....
The spoon bowls are brass this time,don't often come across brass spoons,these are the decorative types so I try to keep my beady eye out for them on my travels.

They are all different sizes and slightly different shapes.
Maybe they are a family?
I imagine having a beautiful large spider like this as a familiar or demon like in stories.
I know a spider isn't every ones cup of tea but they just fascinate me endlessly.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Finished off some fox heads this morning and now up in my shop.

They each have their name engraved on the little chest plate.
Victor,Wilfred,Archie,Claude and Peabody.
All a little handsome....and all a little sly.....

Thursday, 22 March 2012


Here's some snaps of some swans Ive been making.
These are the first few that have come out.
They've been a bit tricky especially the beak area which is the thing that has always put me off but Ive got a little process and its seems to work out fine.

Plus a trophy head style one with a crown.

A few days later drove past a pub called 'The swan with two necks'
There are quite a few pubs in the UK called this as Ive done a bit of research.
It should be called 'The Swan with two Nicks'
The nicks refer to the scratches made on the beaks of swans to identify ownership. This practise is known as Swan Upping and is a ceremonial occasion on the River Thames where mute swans are rounded up, caught, marked, and then released.I obviously prefer the idea of having a swan with two necks myself as I think that sounds wonderful.

Can you guess whats coming next?


Aw! Hes my little friend!
Quite a size too 44cm in height.
Hes taken a while to get right and the pattern was lets say was a challenge.He may have to live with me for a while whilst I make another but they always turn out different.
He really is very fairytale like and has a really lovely presence.
Only wish I had one of those huge antique glass domes to put him in.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Hooded birds..............

Finished a couple of birds today,they have hoods.
They are far darker edged than the usual dead birds if that makes sense but I have a thing about making things masked and hooded.

The box I got this morning from a market for 50p. Its so trashed and worn out and utterly perfect.
Very pleased with it.
The woman who I buy things from often looks at me and you can tell shes thinking I'm a wacko as I buy the most random stuff from her.
Generally its all worn out and damaged.
Sometimes I get asked what I want things for and now I have to admit that I lie.
Since telling a few people that I make a living from making things, and turn what I get from their stalls into new things and make money... the prices of things have suddenly gone up.
Funny huh!
So suddenly vintage textiles are for my mother and everything else is for my dad who likes to tinker with things.
I think it pays sometimes not to drop the mask all the way....

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Something dark .........

Just finishing off an order........

This has been a busy week!

Saturday, 10 March 2012


Finished my first batch of brooches.
Here they are.....They are a bit more fiddly to make but I guess its that thing were you just have to get used to it.
Its nice to use up all those tiny pieces now and I'm glad that I saved them.
In my esty shop now....

Friday, 9 March 2012


Some images of some owls that have finished off this morning.
Two grey ones made from two different coloured grey woollen blankets.
Little woodland fellas.
The blankets were beautiful to use and the colours look perfect for these guys.
Once finsihed I overworked them with inks and a light tea wash here and there to help bring them to life.

And two deep blue velvet owls.
These tow look a bit grumpy but that's fine its probably because they are having their pic taken in daylight.

I like making two at the same time it suits the way that i work.
At the end you you have two owls that are related,brothers perhaps?

Anyway I have to get back to making the moth brooches........

Thursday, 8 March 2012


I keep getting asked to make the moths smaller so that people can wear them.
I must get asked a few times a week so Ive reduced the pattern and have been playing around with them again.
They are the same as the others just far smaller.
It also gives me the opportunity to use up those small scraps that are really not large enough to be used in my current projects.
These are not in my shop yet as still stitching the backs and all the fiddly bits.
Just thought I would show you.......as a sneaky preview.
Also as they are tiny they can be put on your lampshade or in a glass jar when not being worn and they look great.
Bit obsessed with moths again at the moment.
The things that I like go in cycles and often I return to an idea and change it or use it in another direction.

Fly my babies flyyyyyy.....!!!!!

Friday, 2 March 2012


Have been playing around with the moth pattern a little and this little fellow is the result.
I'm really quite pleased with him and when hung from a thread from his back he really does look quite enchanting.
Once have got some orders out of the way will hopefully be making some more.

His little arms and legs are jointed with vintage pearly buttons and the move freely.
Ah poor little thing I think he needs some friends.
Would be fab to do a little photo shoot with a few dancing around a candle.