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Friday, 23 September 2011

.......sneaky pics............2

Here are some better shots of this little collection....
Thanks for your kind comments and guesses where they are going.....
Its not for Libertys or Anthroplogie but you never know!!!



  1. Absolutely gorgeous, it is only a matter of time before we see you in the well healed establishments. For sure.

  2. These are totally beautiful, and I love the new moon stitched on, in fact they all seem to be rather magical and special..but I just cannot guess.....
    Have a lovely weekend
    Lynn x

  3. Your creations are truly amazing. I am breathless over the bunny crying. Divinely Precious!!

  4. oh my ... seriously stunning ... I am totally utterly in love with your black hooded hare, the sleeping fox (oh dear, must must must buy one of those, sorry!) and the spoon eye ... they have such an emotional pull on me I find it quite disturbing! ...

    You are the ONLY person who can use a toadstool and not make me feel like pushing you into a cute vat of cute acid LOL xxx

  5. Hello Mr Finch, I've just discovered you, thanks to a Facebook post of a friend who lives in Hebden Bridge. Your work is exquisitely crafted! I absolutely adore it! I live in Leeds, do you stock anywhere near here? I've just posted about you on my Facebook page: Eclectic Chair, hope you don't mind, wanted to tell people about you. Are you stocking Liberty yet? I would imagine they would jump at the chance to!