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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Number bugs................................

New bugs with numbers,these numbers come from old English police uniforms.
They are obsolete now,I do love them.
They would originally go on the epaulet's.

They are now embroidered on I think.


  1. love love love ... such a great provenance for the numbers .... anarchic beetles ..!!

  2. Very cool!! also,I've noticed this for awhile but haven't mentioned it...your photo displays are really great! I love your creative ideas to add that special 'something' for each photo. Everything works... the background, the color and texture selections... they really bring out each of your works beautifully!! Very innovative :)

  3. Those bugs are so cool, almost creepy though, with their spindly legs and patchy fabric, but I really like them, I've never seen anything like them