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Thursday, 30 June 2011

My little zoo..........................

Et ici mes amis nous avons mon petit insecte zoo!

Okay okay that's two posts in a day,Ive had a glass of wine and a camera and a sunny table top!
Thanks for all your posts about the hand sewing machines.
Very interesting!


Sewing machines...................

I now have 3 sewing machines,I know that may sound excessive but I use them all daily and all for different things.One main one with unbreakable thread for all general seam work,one for sewing through the thin plastic and for cotton thread and fine neat lines and a new one non electric hand machine.
As I sew lots of different things all of the time it makes sense to have these machines so I'm not constantly changing threads and tensions and it all seems to work out well.
My point for this post is does anybody else use a hand driven machine?

My main machine that I use for everything is this old Jones one that suits me terrifically.

Its very strong and powers through stuff. The other day literally I saw the same machine slightly later model I think but hand driven it was £15,checked it over looked like everything seemed to be working.I was so very curious about it and it was the same model I already had just hand driven.

So I bought it,got it home which is another story in its self,lets just say very heavy machine,bags of shopping,runny nose(hayfever),a glass vase,a wasp,and a split bag.
Make your own version of events from that.
After a bit of oiling and threading the machine up the right way which someone hadn't done I got it going.
At the risk of sounding archaic its great.!
There is a huge amount of control which for doing things like veins on wings is soooooo helpful!
I just wondered if anybody else has or uses a hand driven machine for there work?
If someone had asked me if I had or wanted a hand driven machine before I think I would definitely have said no thanks.
For tiny tiny details which it is so capable of its beautiful to use.

I am turning into a old grandmother?


Wednesday, 29 June 2011

New things..................

Some new things made recently.
Haven't got time to write more than this-today I'm dashing!!!


Thursday, 23 June 2011

Number bugs................................

New bugs with numbers,these numbers come from old English police uniforms.
They are obsolete now,I do love them.
They would originally go on the epaulet's.

They are now embroidered on I think.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Here fishy fishy.......................

New fish I think they are a sort of koi carp.
The sequins which are hand punched do take a while to sew on but I really love the result.
Maybe more sea life will follow.......................

Sunday, 19 June 2011


Whils Im in the mood for being revealing this is Arnold.
Hes a monster made from test pieces that didnt work out,but put together made a little monster.


He lives next to my computer.
When im not around I imagine his head to light up as strolls around.
*big smile.

Friday, 17 June 2011


As quite a secretive person I battle with hiding away and also knowing the importance of revealing myself and getting my work seen.
Lately Ive been asked to show images of my little workroom.
So here are some snaps,usually its quite tidy...............usually its a mess.

I think that's about as revealing I could go!
The only things missing are cats falling about everywhere grooming and maybe a glass of red in the evenings on my desk.
I hid away for years didn't give interviews or tell anything about myself.
Where did it get me ..........not very far.
Get yourself out there tell people you exist,own your work,be proud.
If you want to make a living making things which I was so desperate to do you can't do it with the curtains closed
Get a blog,facebook ,etsy shop approach shops.
You never know whats around the corner and you know what...........you might actually enjoy it.