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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Magpies nest cont.......................

Thought that you might want to see what happened with the Magpies nest next.
Its now sealed in a garden cloche with a cake stand base and a miniature cloche on top with a handle from one of those tiered cake stands.
I wanted to protect it as soon as I could as I have 3 very nosey cats.

Heres Vivienne trying not to look interested but I know that shes seen it.
She knows that I know she knows that she's seen it.

she doesn't fool me...................


  1. That is so great!!! It has now become the perfect conversation piece and possible future heirloom...

  2. Vivienne has convinced you that she's interested in the nest to distract you.... she's actually interested in something else around that area... so beware. :P