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Friday, 25 February 2011

new moons.....

Made some new moons for my etsy shop.
These have long legs which I like better than the first ones with the short legs.
Long legs are better for running and dancing. I like the way they look moody.



  1. I love these, but they are a bit priapic!! Especially Mr Moon sittin down LOL ...

    Just had a look in your wonderfully re-stocked shop and I'm going to have to get a moth ... I can't resist ...!! Pay day Monday wahoo!

    Any chance you're goin to have any sleepin foxes in thre soon?

  2. Priapic!
    Thanks thats all I can see now!lol
    Sleeping foxes.....maybe soon the ones that I had are going to London.
    My babies!!!

  3. Wow... I love the legs and the BOOTS! Great work... and for what it's worth, I thought the last moon was a bit priapic sitting down too... but that's part of the charm.

    Paul, I love how you made the legs longer - which is better for running. I can imagine him running around more easily now. :)

  4. It makes me smile that you call me Paul.