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Saturday, 19 February 2011


Sorry for the bad quality of these images they are just to illustrate a point.
I know that having a terrarium is a bit of a trend and that its all been done before but I wanted to do one.
I wanted a a moss one so a few weeks ago I made one.
Granted its hardly groundbreaking or incredibly beautiful but I love it.
I gathered tiny mosses and tiny plants from different walks and put them together in a large goldfish bowl and job done.
I spray mist it every now and then-easy.I know that there are lots of dos and don'ts,charcoal and all that which I haven't done.
I love that its a tiny world and tiny tiny tiny plants suddenly become a miniature forest and a pebble a huge boulder.I peek in this miniature world to see tiny changes.If you've never made one just try it,get a jar and get searching for tiny plants. Mine doesn't have a lid,it does but I don't have it on as it gets a bit sweaty and I quite like it off.Anyway just wanted to urge you to try and make one and have a tiny world to peek at.


  1. This is really sweet... What an inspiration.

  2. Thankyou Victoria.
    I bought some tiny model cows to put in it today.

  3. I've got a real thing about moss ... I'm always picking it up off the pavement when there's been a storm ... sometimes I find little pieces in my pockets ...