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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Getting things done.....

Sorry Ive not blogged lately but have been tied up with getting projects finished.
Sometimes I'm making things for commissions,sometimes for shops and sometimes I'm making a bouquet for my mother who's getting married again.She wanted pearls and green leaves.I really liked the idea,Ive been working a little on it each day.

And these are for the bridesmaids.....

I love pearls and love how they are cold,and come from a sea creature.
The formation of a natural pearl begins when a foreign substance slips into the oyster between the mantle and the shell, which irritate­s the mantle. It's kind of like the oyster getting a splinter. The oyster's natural reaction is to cover up that irritant to protect itself. The man­tle covers the irritant with layers of the same nacre substance that is used to create the shell. This eventually forms a pearl. 

I remember reading a book years ago and in the story it said that pearls were mermaids tears.
I always remember that ..............funny what stays with you.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Okay so I'm still gonna go on about inspiration.....
I did many years ago it seems paint and its one of those things that when you get into it it stands alone as something utterly magical. Ive always made things in some way and have dipped in and out of many mediums along the way which at the time proved in some ways confusing as I couldn't settle on one. But now I see it as so incredibly helpful being able to make things and dip in and out of different approaches on one piece.Painting a canvas and putting all of yourself into it is so odd and delicious that its almost hard to describe,and possibly the only way of understanding it would be to arrive at this place yourself. You may well very well already arrive at this destination through your craft but painting always and still is stand alone for me.
I don't paint at the moment and in some ways I don't miss it but know that at some point I will again and bizarrely I'm fine with that!
There is one painter I wanted to show you and you may well have heard of him as he is actually really well known and at the same time not if that makes sense.
His name is Jame Jean.
His work is unbelievable to me and if I'm honest was only introduced to his work when he did commercial work for Prada. Do you remember the black and white illustration work he did for them?

I do like them but they aren't really thing.

Anyway look at his other stuff....

Fab aren't they.
Anyway this still isn't my point.......bare with me!
On his website he has a section called 'sketch' have a look through these.
Its so illuminating being able to go through someones sketchbooks as I think that they are so personal and really give you an inside look at everything.
He also photographs the exterior of the book before you have a look in which again I find utterly delightful.
If ever you feel yourself with a block creatively or want incredible colour combinations look through these.
There are quite a few and some of them are long but I promise that you will see things that are amazing.
Luckily I don't often suffer with any creative blockage but if I feel a bit flat I look through these and within minutes I'm back with lots of inspiration.
I hope that you will see something that you love.


Let me know.

P.s       2001 leather is my favourite !

Sunday, 9 January 2011


As an artist I often get asked 'where do I get my inspiration from?' I  find this question strange as someone who makes things and lives a life as an artist I am inspired by everything.I raise this point just because Ive been asked the question twice recently by people who are self confessed non artists,or believe that they have no creative ability.
Whether you draw,paint,sew,write creatively,sculpt or play and instrument or dance whatever its all a creative outlet.So to ask the question where does inspiration come from,do they think I am only inspired by one thing or one area?I do get inspired by one thing or one area but not for any great length of time,I know some artists spend their entire lives obsessed with for example the human form and the curve of a brow. But I don't.I do get obsessed by things and creating and this trait I have come to utilise and recognise. Right now the work I'm doing is very fox and wolf orientated,sleeping animals,hibernation,stillness and waiting.I know this period wont last long as these phases with me don't. What I do try and do is whilst I'm in this frame of mind is get as many ideas down on paper and models made up whilst its all constantly on my mind and fresh and full of obsessive energy.Inspiration comes in every possible direction and I mean that whole heartedly. The things I make to give it a rough heading would be edgy,dark,fairytale,sometimes slightly Victorian and odd.When looking for inspiration I don't just look at things of this nature.
I give an example, I walk into the city from where I live,it takes about 20mins. On the way I go under a concrete tunnel that's under a main road. This tunnel is covered in graffiti of the kind that you can imagine the usual tags and mindless scribble. But there is a drawing of a girls face that I'm always drawn to. A peaceful face,eyes closed with flowing hair. Its not the most amazing drawing in the world but next to the rest of the graffiti it works and makes sense,tells a story and my mind thinks about who she is and the world she inhabits.
Who drew her? Whats her name? If she had a doll what would it look like? Before you know it you have ideas,lots of them,fast and fantastic.Inspiration from graffiti,that ends up nothing to do with graffiti!?
The point I want to make is to be inspired to do something can come from anything. Anything at all.
Everybody is inspired.Everybody has the ability to be creative,if they think they aren't then I think they just need to 'wake it up' or find the right medium with which to express themselves.I do realise that all of this is incredibly personal and are my beliefs but I really believe it.
There are people who don't create,who don't see the world as others do,who aren't moved by music and don't see the beauty in a fallen leaf. I know only of the world I see and of how it moves me and as an artist am compelled to communicate my ideas,for love,for joy and often for sanity.
I wish you all an inspired New Year full of fallen leaves and girls faces sleeping in a graffiti world.

Monday, 3 January 2011


Happy New year again to everyone.!
I hope that you all had a great time.
Today took the Christmas tree down and now have to refocus on the new year ahead and all the things that I want to gain from it. Last year I wrote a list and had it up on my board and I'm going to do the same again this year as I think I need a constant reminder of goals and such.
Over the past few days which are always a bit non descript Ive been working again on the sleeping fox pattern and have made it bigger! This new size I'd say would have to be life size for a fox and Ive included the baby one with him so you can see the size difference clearly.I didint consiously want to make baby and adult animals but when you make diffrent sizes in such extremes I guess it just naturally happens.Ive been wanting to make bigger things for ages and now seems like the right time especially with the New year arriving.
So here they are....

Ive heavily stained them with tea as this is something I'm really into at the moment so Im just going with it and see where I arrive.There is always the urge to overwork things slightly so leaving things quite blank even though they do have tea markings on them is a bit hard!
I may do some smaller ones and embroider words on them I've not decided yet.
I did come across a quote that I love by Ruth Brown....

'A fox is a wolf that sends flowers'

Isnt that great!

 It conjours all up allsorts of images doesnt it.!?