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Friday, 3 December 2010

what a mess...

Look at my desk.....where do I begin?

Some new wolves in different fabrics Ive made too....

An amazing firework fabric I found..I will be sad when its all gone!

This one made from a 70's wall hanging with deers and foliage on.

I did my stall today...it was okay.
Lets leave it at that.!
Some how I got the impression people didn't really believe that I made the things on my stall!?
Bizarre.I know I'm a man who sews.......anyway.
Rich showy women and champagne.
A large glass of wine and the world will be alright I think!


  1. Wow- a bit insulting! It's funny how people think reverse sexism is still okay. Anyway, I love all your creations- my desk is just littered with papers at the moment. xo

  2. Tu mesa de trabajo, se parece a la mia.
    Llena de cosas, materiales, trabajos empezados...me gusta

  3. Thankyou Valeria.
    Your work is astonishing!